Stark Caverns' Ballroom a Perfect Place for Yoga

Bears and yoga. They don’t have a lot in common. There’s the old cartoon, Yogi Bear, that comes close. But otherwise? How about this—they now have Stark Caverns in common. A long time ago, bears once slumbered contently among some forty different bear dens still visible in Stark Caverns, hibernating in winter and waking up to a series of long stretches and muscle flexes not too different from the kinds of movement now practiced in our cave by creatures of a far less furry variety.

You’ve heard of yoga. You’ve heard of hot yoga. You may have even heard of goat yoga. But how about cool cave yoga—is that even a thing? It is now, because we’re doing it at Stark Caverns. Our first official class was offered in January of 2018 with 22 people in attendance. The class was led by local instructor Charis Pateris who left the participants clamoring for more. Many were quick to sign up for another session with Charis, and the feedback they left was great. They loved the relaxing atmosphere and serene beauty of the cave, the unique experience being offered there, and the sound of running water from nearby Onyx falls.

The new event space built in the cave’s ballroom, one which echoes a similar platform that existed there in the early 1900s, is perfect for events like cave yoga. The new lighting in the area makes for a perfect blend of light and shadow—a relaxing twilight world just bright enough to reveal the ballroom’s expansive beauty. The acoustics in the cave are perfect for following our expert’s instructions and listening to the relaxing music she plays as she takes you through body toning poses. And the space is large enough to accommodate thirty attendees, yoga mats and all.

Yoga will now be offered at least every month at Stark Caverns. Reservations are simply a matter of signing up by phone. Dates and times will be posted on Facebook as well as sent out to those who sign up for our yoga event emailing list. Call (573) 369-3306 to make your reservations. The cost is $10.00 plus tax, and each participant must bring their own yoga mat.