Last year's spring flowers growing outside the cave entrance

It’s been quite a winter here in Eldon. We’ve had more snow and ice than we’ve seen in a long time. As a result, our hill was unsafe for employees and for visitors forcing us to close the property for more than 10 days this season – double the closures last year. We are so anxious to see the daffodils and tulips poke through the dirt and the tree buds burst into the vibrant green you only see in spring time. It won’t be long until we get the mining sluice running again and all of the new merchandise stocked on the shelves. We’ll be ready for spring and the start of the busy season.

We’ve accomplished quite a bit over these cold and snowy months:

  • Visitor Center Event and Education space: New custom display cases and padded chairs
  • Natural History Museum Area: Animal skeletons and displays, crinoid fossils from the Mississippian period, Native American artifact research and display, monthly rotating display capability
  • Cave utility access: Replaced and buried the electrical wiring feeding into the cave adding a water line to the cave entrance as well as communication lines. This will provide new electrical outlets and water outlets along the cave pathway – giving us flexibility for holiday and event lighting, easy water access for cave campers, water access for sprinklers and more. The communication lines will help us enhance our security system in the cave and allow us to remotely send pictures from the cave to the Visitor Center. Our customers have asked about photo services and now we’ll be able to offer them.
  • New tour development: Two new tours will be launched in late March – a black light tour and a lantern tour. These specialty tours will be offered several days each week at the end of the day. The black light tour is incredible and is science and geology based and the lantern tour is history-oriented. Each tour is a unique experience that will give you new insights into the incredible geology and history of our region.

Come and see us. You’ll love the additions and updates to the property as well as the new tours. We can hardly wait to see you.