Formation at Stark Caverns seen in black light

Get ready for a truly unique experience. Stark Caverns will soon be offering black light tours. We have tested the tour with several guests and they loved it.

Visitors will enter the darkened cave with their specially trained guide, wearing their helmet and safety glasses, armed with either a black light or a lantern. They will see the formations in a wholly new way – be ready for an explosion of color. We were blown away by the purples and pinks that occur in the cave itself and how some of the most incredible formations in black light hardly show up in our normal lighting.

To make it even more interesting, we’ve collected fluorescent minerals from around the world for you to see and learn about. You’ll learn about long wave vs. short wave fluorescent light and see how the different types of light make the minerals fluoresce different colors. It’s simply beautiful.

We’ve added an array of fluorescent minerals and black light flashlights to the gift shop too so you can begin your own collection.

You won’t want to miss this. Keep an eye out on our Facebook site for special black light tour events prior to April. We expect to fully launch the tours in April.