The primary responsibility for cave owners is balancing preservation of the cave and karst system with access, enjoyment and education for visitors. At Stark Caverns, we take both needs into account and strive to ensure we provide a good visitor experience and preserve the cave and its delicate ecosystem.

Accessibility for Wheelchairs

Stark Caverns is partially wheelchair accessible.

  • The pathway to the cave is flat and consists of hard packed gravel and cement

  • Once in the cave, you proceed on a flat wood boardwalk that continues for several hundred feet. This is followed by asphalt pathway, short wooden bridges, and then finally concrete tiles.

  • There are two areas of the cave not accessible by wheelchair:

    • An optional steep passageway with nearly 30 steps that leads to an overlook of a canyon. There is a bench at the base of the steps where people can sit and relax for the 5 to 8 minutes that the rest of the group is gone.

    • One of the most active and wet areas of the cave where there are several small sets of steps.

    • Altogether, the pathways accessible only by stairs represent about 10% of the total tour.

Strollers and Baby Packs

You are welcome to bring your small children on the cave tour (children 4 and under are free), but should plan to carry them in some of the more difficult passages.

  • Lightweight strollers that can easily collapse and be carried are effective in the cave

  • Baby backpacks are generally not safe in the cave – there are too many low hanging rocks. We do not allow these types of baby carriers in the cave.

  • Baby front carrying packs are allowed

  • You may store baby backpacks or other bags in the Visitor Center or in your vehicle during your tour


  • Both bathrooms are wheelchair friendly with ADA compliant toilets, a large handicapped stall in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms

  • The women’s bathroom includes a baby changing station

  • There are no bathrooms in the caverns themselves, so please use the facilities before you leave for your tour